Here at Lyvanna, we provide silk scarves and accessories designed with the Australian climate in mind. These are silk scarves that keep you cool and comfortable while helping you look your very best.

It’s time to find the perfect silk accessory for your outfit. Check out our range, or read on to learn more. Still need more information? Just reach out to our friendly service team.

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What is the purpose of a silk scarf?

Silk scarves are charming accessories for women and for any gender if they like. As well as being effortlessly stylish, silk scarves also help you to regulate your temperature – very valuable indeed in the Australian climate.

How do you take care of a silk scarf?

Silk scarves are delicate, so wash them only in cold water. You may also want to use fabric conditioner on the item, but make sure the conditioner you choose is suitable for silk. Always follow the wash and care instructions on the scarf itself.

How often should I wash a silk scarf?

Avoid washing your silk scarf more than monthly. You may not even need to wash it this often if you are not wearing it frequently or if it isn't dirty or marked.

Can you iron a silk scarf?

Yes, you can, but take great care. Always make sure the scarf is dry before ironing, with no moisture or other liquids left over from washing. Place a dry cloth between the scarf and the iron to avoid damage.