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Welcome to Lyvanna – your choice for high-quality silk sleeping caps, eye masks and other sleepwear. With our sleep caps, you can protect your hair while you sleep, while looking and feeling great at the same time.

Check out our Australian range of sleeping caps, and fall in love with sumptuous silk. Want to know more about the gorgeous products we offer? Just reach out to our team.

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Is sleeping in a silk cap good for hair?

Yes! With a silk sleeping cap, your hair won't rub up against the pillow, protecting natural curls and waves and preventing frizz. A common remark from our customers is: "It really works!"

Why buy a silk sleepwear cap from Lyvanna?

Because we are passionate about silk! Our focus is on silk sleepwear products produced from 100% mulberry silk, so you know you're only getting the finest quality.

Can I sleep in a silk cap with wet hair?

It's best not to sleep with soaking wet hair but a silk sleep cap can certainly protect damp hair.