Girl wears colourful silk headband

Top 5 Reasons Why You Need A Silk Headband In Your Life

News flash- the humble headband has once again hit the catwalk in 2021 and is OFFICIALLY back in style! While some of us may simply wish to keep up with current trends, there are many reasons why the headband is one of our all-time favourite fashion accessories.

Pair this iconic item with quality silk material and what do you get? A versatile, attractive, environmentally friendly, and on-trend accessory that won’t break your bank AND has many practical uses. Need we say more?

We have compiled a snappy list of the Top 5 Reasons to source your very own Silk Headband. Head over to the Lyvanna store to browse our gorgeous collection!

1. Bad hair day? No worries!

Woke up late? Don’t have time for fussy products? Hair just not co-operating? Never fear- the Silk Headband is here!

Headbands are a quick and easy fix for any bad hair day, and still allow for a variety of styles. Pair your Silk Headband with a braid, bun or ponytail- or simply pull your loose hair back off your face and embrace its natural texture. Check out this styling tutorial on YouTube for more ideas!

Model wearing colour silk headband


2. Keep hair and sweat out of your face while you exercise!

We have all experienced the frustration of a snapped elastic band whilst exercising. Avoid the distraction to your workout and hold your hair back with a quality Silk Headband. Better yet, it keeps your face sweat-free!

Your hair moves as you move- headbands help to prevent damage during a hard workout session by providing a wider point of contact and encouraging natural

movement without falling into your face. The soft surface of silk allows your hair to slide smoothly across the fabric, reducing friction damage and oil depletion.
Another pro? Your headband will keep your hair up and off your neck, helping to keep you cool while you exercise!


3. Silk is good for your hair and skin!

Silk reduces friction damage to your hair by allowing it to slide across the fabric. It helps to prevent knotting and oil depletion, and keeps your hair hydrated.
Silk also helps to lock natural oils and moisture into your skin, which improves texture and wards off fine lines and wrinkles.

The material is also gentle on sensitive skin and can assist in the treatment and prevention of acne. Check out our blog post, The Beautiful Benefits of Silk, for more information!

A colourful silk headband


4. Headbands make makeup and skincare routines a breeze!

Tired of getting foundation, cleanser and moisturiser in your hair and on your scalp? Sick of your hair getting into your makeup base and ruining that flawless finish? The solution is simple- pop on a headband! It will pull your hair back from your face and provide a natural, non-slip barrier that helps you put on your makeup effectively and stops skincare products from wetting or coating your hair.

They also make an effortlessly stylish accessory for makeup and skincare tutorials… We’re just saying!

5. Show off your unique style!

Nowadays there seems to be a million ways to show off your personal style. Sometimes such a huge range of ideas and trends can be overwhelming, and for most of us, our style will change often! Silk Headbands are a simple, effective solution to what could be an everyday problem.

Headbands are a fantastic addition to uniforms, exercise gear or casual clothing- if you’re feeling a little boxed-in or lacking in your style, they are a great way to spice things up. Try forming your own collection of bands, so you have a variety to choose from for any occasion!

Whether you’re feeling edgy, relaxed, refined or something else entirely, embrace your personal style with a Silk Headband and get on with your day without added fuss!

Girl wears orange silk headband 

So, what are you waiting for? Head over to the Lyvanna store now and source your very own high quality, high fashion Silk Headband. You’ll soon wonder why you ever went without!

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