The Beautiful Benefits of Silk

The Beautiful Benefits of Silk

Coveted for its luminosity and unique texture, Silk has long been used as a luxury fibre for clothing, accessories, and linen. Originally developed under wraps by Chinese Emperors and their families, the fabric has many benefits for our skin, hair, and general health. Nowadays, Silk is a lot more accessible for those who desire its elegance. So, what are the main benefits of quality Silk?

girls holds silk to skin

Silk is Anti-Ageing!
Silk is naturally anti-ageing. There are many variations of silk products that promote its use for this, including pillowcases, eye-masks, infused moisturisers and day creams, scarves, head scarves, underwear, clothing and more.
The secret lies in the, well, silkiness, of Silk. Low friction means your skin is not being tugged every which way during your sleep or day to day activities; less wear and tear on the skin, less wrinkles.

It retains moisture.
Silk helps to retain the natural levels of beneficial oils in our skin and hair. The smooth surface allows our hair to slide rather than stick, which means less moisture is absorbed by our sheets and head scarves.
Low friction Silk fabrics avoid rubbing oils away from our skin, while also preventing over-production. Because of this, Silk is a wonderful choice for those who suffer from acne, eczema, psoriasis, chronic sensitivity, and other skin-related conditions.

silk bow on girls hair

It prevents knotted hair.
Ever woken up with ‘bedhead’? Silk bedding will allow your hair to slide as you move during the night, preventing tangles from occurring. This extends the life of your hair by reducing the frequency of split ends.
Silk head scarves will also deter messy hair; wear them between events or as you sleep to preserve your hairstyle a little longer.

What Health Benefits does Silk possess?
Silk can help to prevent Allergies due to being a largely non-absorbent fabric, particularly when used as bed linen. It is easier to keep free of allergens and gentle on sensitive skin.
Silk also regulates temperature. The fibres ‘wick away’ heat, leaving the skin’s surface cool and fresh. This coolness helps to relieve symptoms of menopause and viral illness, provides comfort on hot days, and promotes a generally deep, healthy sleep.

If you are looking for something a little more indulgent to add to your beauty routine, consider Silk fabrics. Their use is rich in history, and sustainably sourced silks help you do your part to support our natural environment.

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